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I Feel Much Better with Regular Adjustments

When my back started giving me some trouble, I went to the store and bought one of those heat wraps that I saw advertised for back pain. I tried it, but it gave me very little relief at all. It felt good, but my back hurt just as much as it did when I took it off. I decided to give it a few more days just in case I just needed time for it to get better. Three days later, I knew that I needed to contact a San Rafael chiropractor, something I should have done even before I bought the heat wrap.

I was able to get in pretty fast, and I was thankful for that. It seemed with each passing day, I was hurting more. Since I have a desk job, it did not interfere too much with my work, but I was not able to do other things I enjoy, like gardening and bowling. It was just too painful. In fact, I think that it might have been my bowling that got me into this predicament because it was the day after a bowling tournament that I felt different.

The chiropractor was not able to tell me what caused the pain, but he was certainly able to help me feel a lot better. He did not even have to run any imaging tests because of the medical history and detailed personal history as well as the physical examination. It was quick but thorough, and he told me that I needed to have my spine aligned properly. The only way to do that is through spinal manipulations, which sounded scary to me. He took his time explaining what is involved in one, and then he showed me. There was pressure, but I did not feel any pain at all. What I did feel after was less discomfort too! I go back regularly now for spinal adjustments, and I have never felt better.